Okoa Mtaa Foundation

The Okoa Mtaa Foundation has been hosting youth workshops, events, festivals and exhibitions since 2012. During these well designed and successful events, we empower youth, through capacity building in sensitive youth areas and we give youth the platform to showcase their Artwork and creativity.

Since 2012 Okoa Mtaa has been hosted more than 100 Each one Teach one (workshops/trainings) and more than 50 S.U.A (Street events). Our projects empowering more than 2,000 artists and reaching thousands of people in different communities.


A progressive youth with Arts and Culture that is creative and educational that contribute to social and economic development in Tanzania.


To uplift underground arts and Social education in East Africa through sharing of knowledge


  • To increase awareness to the youth in sharing of right knowledge
  • To provide projective platform for artistic, education and creative development
  • To increase awareness about the important role that arts and culture plays in youth and social development


Respect, learning, collaboration, Edu-tain, transparency

Our Current Projects

• Kibanda Umiza
• Each One Teach One